Matchbet with Arbking,Lock-in Profit

Place our A.I generated Lay bets, back the bets up
with your favorite bookie and lock-in profit with our
shield bonus. That Simple!


Arbking-Matchbet trader is an advanced A.I powered match-betting platform, developed with an inbuilt 'implied probability' matcher software that generates sporting trades based on probable occurrence and distributes the trades to users using a special algorithm that ensures a well balanced Stakes over odds risk hedge. Every users risk is perfectly hedged on the platform.


Arbking-Auto Arbitrage is an investment arm of Arbking. An A.I bot designed to trade on arbitrage opportunities on Exchange markets like Betfair. The bot seeks to back and lay odds that guarantees a no loss situation. Its designed to trade on low margin profits 24/7. Users will get of 0.5% to 1% daily ROI in their arb wallets. Users here do not need to take any actions as Auto-arb bot trades on their behalf.


Arbking Sports Fund Llc is Sports-trade tech company registered in Malta, designed with the average trader in mind. Here every trader has more than 96% chances of growing his/her funds in a risk mitigated match-betting and Auto Arbitrage style. Human emotions has no play in any of the trades. Strictly on machine calls. Arbking Sports Fund Llc has built a global community of thriving sports traders who by Arbking's Matchbet algorithm of risk hedging has helped each other maintain a robust ROI, staying a step ahead of the bookmakers.

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